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We want to hear from midwives

Sep 23, 2022

Focus group u​pdate​ — Oct. 7, 20​22​

Thank you for your interest. All seats have now been filled. ​

If you haven't already, please consider taking our 2-minute survey on Midwifery News. Your feedback will help us improve our communications to you. Go to survey​

Tell us how we're doing. 

We are conducting an online focus group in Oct. 12 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Participants will receive a $100 honorarium for their participation. 

If you’d like to be considered for this activity, please send your name and email address to LuxInsights​.  LuxInsights is a market research company that is conducting this research on BCCNM’s behalf. 

If you have any questions about the focus groups, please send them to​ 

​The information gathered in this online focus group is collected by the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) for the purposes of evaluating our programs and activities. We, LuxInsights, a market research company, is conducting this research on BCCNM’s behalf. The information collected in this focus group will be kept strictly confidential and survey results will be used in an aggregated (not personally identifiable) format. The legal authority for collecting this information is under Sections 26(d) and 26(e) of the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This online focus group will also be video recorded. Your participation in this online focus group is completely voluntary. If you have any questions regarding the collection, use, disclosure, storage, or retention of your information, please contact the BCCNM Privacy Office at 604.742.6345 or email at​.