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BCC​​NM's commitment to action: One year on


On Sept. 29, 2021, we published BCCNM's Commitment to Action: Constructive disruption to Indigenous-specific racism amongst B.C. Nurses and Midwives. In our action plan, we identified three broad areas of focus—systems, behaviours, and beliefs.

One year on, we are pleased to provide a progress update on each action item.

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Standards, limits, and conditions for prescribing 

The board approved revisions to the Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses and Scope of Practice for Registered Psychiatric Nurses related to prescribing. These changes take effect Nov. 7, 2022.

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Five joint statements rescinded

BCCNM rescinded five joint statements that are no longer relevant due to amendments to Regulations, experience in practice, and/or establishment of standards. They are: Orders and Delegation; Managing Labour; Pharmacists' Authority to Adjust Interchange and Substitute Medication Orders; Registered Dietitians' Authority to Recommend Vitamins and Minerals for Therapeutic Diets; and Dispensing Medications. This change takes effect immediately.

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Election time

The 2022 BCCNM election will be held this fall. All BCCNM registrants in good standing (LPN, NP, RN, RPN, LGN, and midwives, except employed student registrants) can vote in this online election. There are two board positions to be filled.

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Changes to pharmacists' authority to renew prescriptions, prescribe and administer medications

Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC) has approved changes to permit pharmacists in B.C. to administer a wider range of drugs by injection and intranasal route, and to adapt existing prescriptions for a wider range of drugs and conditions. CPBC is also working towards extending the expiry date for all prescriptions from one year to two years. These changes are expected to take effect Oct. 14, 2022.

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Questions about immunizations? Looking for guidance on administering or receiving the flu shot? Check out our immunization resources and FAQs.

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Inquiry, Discipline, and Monitoring updates

BCCNM publishes a variety of professional conduct notices on its website. These notices include consent agreements, Discipline Committee and Inquiry Committee notices, and Inquiry and Discipline hearing notices. While all of these notices are public information, only exceptional outcomes (i.e., Inquiry Committee order, Discipline order, hearing outcome) and circumstances (i.e., discipline hearing) are highlighted in registrant newsletters.



Office closed

BCCNM's office will be closed on Monday, Oct. 10. We will reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11.




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