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Supervised practice experience (SPE) is one of several options for LPN applicants who do not meet the quality assurance requirement for practice hours (1,125 hours over five years).

An approved SPE will enable you to have provisional registration​ while you complete at least 400 hours of a practice experience within six months under the guidance and supervision of a qualified nurse preceptor.

Following successful completion of an SPE, you will then be eligible for practising registration.

Is Supervised Practice Experience right for you?

The first step is to contact BCCNM at to confirm that your situation is appropriate for this option.

To meet the SPE criteria you need:

  • At least two years of consolidated practice following graduation from a recognized practical nursing education program, and

  • At least two years of Canadian practical nursing practice experience within the previous five years.

In addition, you should:

  • be a self-directed learner

  • be able to independently organize a preceptorship with a BC agency/employer

  • have a background and practice experience in the chosen area of practice

  • be involved in professional activities (e.g. committee work) and continuing education

  • show evidence of preparation to return to practise (e.g. reading journals related to chosen clinical practice area).

If you think supervised practice experience is right for you, contact the Registration team at to request a consultation.​​