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STEP 4: CAP Assessment

Completing the CAP assessment.

Phase I 

Complete the application and assessment process for nurse practitioner registration. This includes submitting educational documents and other documents, such as verifications of certification and registration in other jurisdictions, attestation of practice hours, professional practice experience, etc.

Following the initial assessment of your application:

  • If there are no gaps and it is determined that you have the competencies required for practise in B.C., you will be notified that you are eligible to take the nurse practitioner examinations.

  • If gaps are identified, you may be provided with two options: acquire the additional competencies through an educational program, and/or apply for a more detailed competency assessment in Phase 2 if you believe that you have acquired some or all of the competencies through other formal or informal learning.

Phase 1 must be completed before proceeding to Phase 2. Phase 1 takes about 4-12 weeks to complete, depending on the access and availability of the required documentation. 

Phase II 

The detailed Competency Assessment Process involves three steps:

  • Case Study Examples — The applicant is required to submit one case study of health care services provided in his/her practice at the nurse practitioner level of practice within the past two years. 

  • Interview/Panel Assessment — A structured interview and case study based panel assessment is conducted by peer assessors. 

  • Demonstrate Clinical Practice — A supervised practice experience of a minimum of 80 hours is required to evaluate that the applicant is able to work with a range of clients at the level and full scope required for practice as a nurse practitioner in B.C.

To be eligible for the detailed Competency Assessment Process (CAP), the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a formal nurse practitioner program. 
  • Have had substantial time in practice as a nurse practitioner to gain and consolidate competencies as described in the Competencies Required for Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia

  • Have been licensed/registered as a nurse practitioner in the jurisdiction where the applicant practised as a nurse practitioner.