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​Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely. More and more, telehealth is being used to provide care and consult with clients. Like other forms of practice, nurses using telehealth are expected to meet all of BCCNM’s standards of practice.

Practice Standard

Note: this standard only applies to RNs and NPs the content can be used by LPNs and RPNs.


During the pandemic I have been asked to provide telehealth nursing services. What BCCNM standards do I need to consider?

Nurses engaged in telehealth are responsible and accountable for the nursing services provided to clients via telehealth. Even though the format for providing care may be different, your responsibilities in meeting BCCNM Standards of Practice remain unchanged. Ensure you also follow your employer/provincial policies related to telehealth. While the BCCNM Telehealth practice standard currently only applies to RNs and NPs, we encourage all nurses engaged in telehealth to review it for guidance.

There are a number of additional BCCNM standards that broadly outline nurses' accountabilities in healthcare and must be met, including:

If I provide telehealth services from BC to clients who are in another province, do I have to be registered in that province?

​Nurses who are physically located in B.C. providing telehealth nursing services are required to be registered in B.C. regardless of where the client is.

When you register with BCCNM, you agree to follow the college's standards of practice. We recommend contacting the nursing regulator in the jurisdiction where the client is located to see if they have additional registration requirements for you.  

I am registered and located in another province and I provide telehealth nursing services to a client living in B.C. Do I also need to be registered with BCCNM?

​Individuals who are located and registered as nurses in Canadian province/territory outside B.C., but who are providing telehealth services to clients in B.C., are responsible and accountable to the regulatory body in the province/territory in which they are registered. They do not need to be registered with BCCNM if they are considered by their regulatory body to be practising in the province where they are located, but they cannot represent themselves as a BCCNM  registrant.   


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