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Temporary emergency registration enables eligible individuals to register quickly on a short-term basis to assist with emergency health care response in B.C. BCCNM is currently granting temporary​ emergency registration to assist with COVID-19 pandemic efforts.​

Practising registrants in B.C. do not need temporary emergency registration.​

Who can apply

  • Current non-practising midwives who are in good standing and meet the clinical experience and continuing professional development (competency) requirements​.

  • Former midwife registrants who are in good standing and meet the clinical experience and continuing professional development (competency) requirement​s. 

  • Midwives with current practising registration in other Canadian jurisdictions that are in good standing with their regulatory body.

​​Not eligible
  • Applicants whose record with the college includes evidence of not meeting the good character, fitness or competence to practice requirements.

  • Applicants who have not yet met the clinical experience or professional development (competence) requirements. 

  • Applicants who have outstanding Inquiry Committee matters.

  • Applicants who have previously been denied registration.

  • Midwifery students.

Ho​​​w to apply

​​1. Confirm that you are eligible to apply
Read the “who can apply” information above to ensure you are eligible to apply for temporary emergency registration. Please do not apply unless you meet all the criteria. T​his will enable us to process applications for eligible individuals more efficiently.​
2. Download and complete the application form

​Important: Download and save the application form before completing all sections.

3. Email the completed form to

Once you have completed all sections of the application form, please email your application to BCCNM Registration at A member of the Registration Services team may contact you if more information is needed to assess your application, or to collect your consent for a criminal record check (if required). 

​​​4. Professional liability insurance
Professional liability insurance for applicants eligible for temporary emergency registration will be provided by the Midwives Association of BC at no cost. Note: Please do not contact MABC to arrange for insurance unless directed by BCCNM Registration Services. 
​​5. Wait for a confirmation email and next steps
If your application for temporary emergency registration is granted, you will receive a confirmation email that confirms the details of your temporary registration, as well as the link to the Emergency Health Provider Registry (EHPR). You must not work as a temporary midwife (emergency) until you have received this email - don't forget to check your junkmail folder. The health authorities are using the EHPR to hire health providers for pandemic efforts, so please be sure to submit an application.


Is there a cost to apply or hold temporary emergency registration?
No. There are no application or registration fees for temporary emergency registration. Individuals granted temporary emergency registration also do not have to pay for their professional liability insurance. 

Why do I have to meet the clinical experience and continuing professional development (competency) requirements in order to apply for temporary registration?
Even during emergencies, we need to maintain requirements to ensure that registered individuals are able to practice safely and competently in the current and rapidly changing health care environment. Learn more about the clinical experience and continuing professional development (competency) requirements​.​

Type of work allowed​

Temporary emergency registration (TER) is available for the sole purpose of enabling eligible individuals to assist during a declared emergency. Temporary emergency registrants can assist in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by: 

  • Providing care that is directly related to the pandemic; or
  • Temporarily covering positions vacated by midwives who have been redeployed to deal with the emergency.​​

Whe​​n will temporary emergency registration end?

​Temporary Emergency Registration is granted for periods of 180 days and will be automatically extended as long as the public health emergency remains in effect. BCCNM will work with government, the health authorities and other stakeholders to determine when to end temporary emergency registration. When BCCNM announces that TER is repealed, the registration of individuals holding TER will expire 15 days following the announcement. Current TERs will be communicated with directly to inform them of their updated registration expiry date.​


Please contact BCCNM Registration Services at​. Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of emails and phone calls. Your email will be responded to in priority order; please do not follow up by phone. Thank you for your assistance.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​