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BCCNM news and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic response

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Delivering health care during a pandemic: context and expectations

BCCNM acknowledges that it is an unprecedented time in health care, and we are grateful for the important role nurses and midwives play during this time across the system. We know you are being asked to do more than ever before and expected to work in different ways. You have shown great compassion and dedication to your clients and their families every day. We understand that you are stressed and concerned about being able to maintain standards of nursing and midwifery practice.

It’s important to remember that even in situations where you cannot provide optimal client care due to circumstances beyond your control (such as working with limited resources, increased workload or working in an unfamiliar area), we want to assure you that the standard of care is always considered in context. The standard of care can evolve with the dynamic nature of the pandemic, including that resources may become scarce or absent.

Nurses and midwives are responsible for providing the best care possible under the circumstances, setting priorities, using critical thinking and professional judgment, communicating with their employer and participating in efforts to improve client care. During this uncertain time remember that you are expected to follow your employer’s organization policies and procedures and seek out any pandemic resources they may have available.

We've heard from registrants worried that a complaint may be brought against them for circumstances out of their control during the pandemic. Remember that complaints are not uncommon; some professionals need to address complaints in the course of their career. Each complaint is carefully assessed within the context of the practice environment. We encourage you to visit our complaints section to learn more about the process.

BCCNM recognizes your efforts and challenges in working in a pandemic. If you need more information or wish to speak with someone about a practice concern, please contact one of our Regulatory Practice Consultants.


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