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Temporary emergency registration

Temporary Emergency Registration closing June 30, 2023 

BCCNM will end the declared emerge​​ncy situation on Dec. 31, 2023. To support this change, BCCNM no longer accepts applications for temporary emergency registration as of ​June 30, 2023​. Learn more about how to apply for pr​actising registration. ​

​​Temporary Emergency Registration is being extended again to all those individuals in good standing as noted on the BCCNM website last month. The extension will occur in late June 2023 and will show on the online register as a future status (July 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023).

​​​BCCM will also be working directly with temporary emergency registrants who wish to continue practising in British Columbia after Dec. 31, 2023. Options available will depend on the registrants’ individual circumstances and more information will be shared with impacted registrants in the coming months. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Temporary emergency registration enables eligible individuals to register quickly on a short-term basis to assist with emergency health-care response in B.C. During the COVID-19 pandemic, BCCNM granted temporary emergency registration to eligible individuals to assist with pandemic efforts.​

Practising regist​​​rants in B.C. do not need temporary emergency registration.​

Whe​​n will temporary emergency registration end?

​Temporary emergency registration for the COVID-19 pandemic ends​ Dec. 31, 2023​. ​​

Geographic area1 Total by class Total by area
Out of province LPN = 172
NP = 1
RN = 446
RPN = 2