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Verification of registrant vaccination status

​​​​​​​​A new Order of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has been issued “to prevent or reduce the risk of the transmission of infection with SARS-CoV-2 by health professionals.”

The Health Professionals COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures Order​ requires BCCNM to record the COVID-19 vaccination status of all its registrants by March 31, 2022. On request of BCCNM, registrants must provide proof of vaccination or proof of an exemption if they have it. 

Next steps for registrants

The college has provided registrant information to the Ministry of Health  (MOH) for matching against the Provincial Immunization Registry. The MOH is in the process of sharing this data matching with the college.

If a registrant's vaccination status is not confirmed via the data exchange process, we will contact the registrant by email soon with details of the information required and how to submit it. 

Frequently asked questions

Does the Order require registrants to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
No. This Order requires BCCNM to record the COVID-19 vaccination status of all registrants, but it does not impose a COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

Please note that separate public health orders remain in place requiring COVID-19 vaccination for health professionals working in residential care, acute care and community care settings.
Which health professionals are covered by this Order?
The Order applies to all B.C. regulated health professionals across all registrant classes, including practising and non-practising licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered midwives, and registered psychiatric nurses.
Does the Order apply to BCCNM registrants who provide only telehealth/virtual care?
Yes. BCCNM is required to record the COVID-19 vaccination status of all registrants.
As a registrant, will I need to take action to have my vaccination status recorded by BCCNM?
Unless we contact you for further information, you will not need to provide any information to BCCNM or the provincial government about your vaccination status. We will provide more details shortly.
What will BCCNM accept as a valid exemption to vaccination?
A valid exemption must be one issued by the Office of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO).
Under what authority can the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) issue public health orders?
​The PHO has the legal authority to issue emergency preventive measures orders under the Public Health Act. Under the Act, all individuals and organizations are required to comply with the requirements set by the PHO.​
What if I was vaccinated outside of Canada?
If you were vaccinated outside of Canada and do not already have a vaccine card issued by the government of Canada or a province of Canada, you may still be able to obtain a B.C. vaccine card by submitting your foreign COVID-19 immunization record to the B.C. government to have it entered into the provincial immunization registry. For more information, visit If you are unable to obtain a B.C. vaccine card through this process, please let us know.

Current PHO orders: Vaccine requirements

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