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Before you start an online application, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Scanned copies of two identification documents (one must contain your photo), e.g., passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or B.C. driver’s license that prove your identity. These documents must be notarized by a notary public or lawyer and their signature and seal/stamp must be visible on the scanned images. If your name has changed, one of your documents should be a notarized identity document for your previous legal name(s).

  • All documents must include your full name. We cannot accept documents that include initials as part of your name.

         You will also need to gather the following information:

  • if your name has changed, you will need a scanned copy of a notarized identity document for each of your names, e.g., marriage certificate, legal change of name document 

  • your nursing education information (name, address and dates attended for each​ institution) 

National nursing exam (NCLEX)

  • If you have ever written a national nursing exam, e.g., CRNE, NCLEX, OIIQ, you will need to arrange for ​your regulatory body to send BCCNM confirmation of your examination scores.

  • If you have current provisional registration with BCCNM, you will be eligible for practising status once we receive confirmation that you have passed the exam. If you write the exam in another Canadian jurisdiction, you must arrange for the results to be sent to BCCNM. ​

English fluency

English fluency must be demonstrated prior to applying for registration with BCCNM. This can be met through one of the following:

  • passing a required test of English fluency, or
  • completing a four-year post secondary nursing program in English.​​

Ready to apply?​

The online application process takes 20-30 minutes.

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IMPORTANT — We cannot review your application until you upload all of the required documents. ​

Provisional registration​

If you apply for Provisional Registration prior to writing the NCLEX, BCCNM must receive confirmation that you have completed a recognized nursing program directly from:

  • your regulatory body if you apply for registration in that province/territory, OR 
  • your school of nursing if you apply directly to BCCNM

Provisional registration is optional. You can indicate on your application if you want to apply for this status.​


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