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After applying to BCCNM

You may be required to complete one or more requirements before you can write the NCLEX exam.
Will I have to complete coursework?

Once we have a complete application, including the NCAS results, we will assess your application and determine your registration requirements. You will be informed in your emailed assessment letter what, if any, coursework is required. The coursework will need to be completed prior to commencing employment or writing the national nursing exam.

Please review our Registered Nurse Transitional Coursework for Internationally Educated Nurses information sheet (PDF)  to learn about what type of coursework may be required.

When do I submit a Criminal Record check?

We will notify you when these need to be submitted; do not submit prior to receiving a request to do so. When required, all applicants will be asked for consent to complete a Criminal Record Check (CRC). The fee for the CRC is currently $28. Your consent and fee is submitted to us then forwarded to the B.C. Ministry of Justice. Your consent and fee must be collected before you will be able to write the national nursing exam or apply for Provisional RN registration. ​

Can I work before I write the exam?

Provisional registration is a form of registration that allows you to practice with limits and conditions on your registration while you prepare to write the National Nursing Exam.

You will be eligible for this status when you are in Stage 4 of the application process and you have completed any required supplementary education. If you are not required to complete coursework, you will be eligible at the time you are assessed. Once you are sent the application, you will need to find an employer to complete the employer section of the application.

The following are examples of conditions likely to be attached to your registration at this stage* and reflect the outstanding national nursing exam requirement and employment restrictions:

  1. May only practice at (facility named on this form)

  2. Must write and pass the National Nursing Exam

  3. Practice must be monitored for the duration of provisional registration

  4. Maximum of 3 employers

  5. Will no longer be eligible for provisional registration if all conditions are not met by (one year from date of issue)

  6. Will no longer be eligible for provisional registration if registrant does not pass the National Nursing Exam after two attempts

*additional or different conditions may be applied in certain situations ​

When can I write the national nursing exam?

All other requirements must be met to be eligible to write the national nursing exam. You will be eligible to write the national nursing exam​  when you are in Stage 4 of the application process and you have completed all other registration requirements, including the required supplementary education. When you are eligible to write the exam, you will be sent a link to the online application. ass

  • You will receive confirmation of your results and a form to finalize your Practising RN registration.

  • If you have Provisional RN registration, you are automatically converted to Practising registration.

  • We will notify you of your exam result, and next steps. For more information on NCLEX results see the Exam Results​ page.

I have already passed the NCLEX. Do I have to take it again?

No, you do not need to take the exam again.

  • BCCNM retroactively recognizes passing NCLEX sc​ores dating back to 1982. 

  • BCCNM must receive an official verificati​on directly from the regulatory body that confirms your exam date and result.

  • Applicants will still go through the standard application process.

  • Applicants will still complete a competency assessment, if required.

  • Applicants will still complete any required coursework before being eligible for registration​.

  • ​If you have any questions, please contact BCCNM at​  with the subject line NCLEX. ​