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Applying to BCCNM

After you send us your application, we will begin assessing it.

 Information about applying

How many hours do I need to have practiced as an RN?

You are not required to have practiced as an RN to apply with BCCNM. New/initial applicants will normally meet the hour requirement through the completion of a competency assessment and any required education. See Will I have to complete coursework? on the After y​​ou apply page.​

How long does the process take?

To be fair and equitable to all applicants, each application is assessed individually. As a result, the time required for registration to be established can vary significantly from applicant to applicant and depends on a number of factors including when documents are received, processing times, volume, availability of the NCAS assessment process, and availability of required coursework.

We strongly encourage that you do not move to British Columbia or commit to an employment start date until your application for BCCNM registration has been assessed and you are aware of the requirements you must meet to become registered.

The timelines listed below are on average and are subject to the volume of applications received, the receipt of required documentation, and the validity of the information and documentation received: ​

Apply to BCCNM — You can expect to have your BCCNM application and NNAS report reviewed within 10 weeks of submitting your BCCNM application. If your application is complete, you will automatically go to the next stage.​ If not, you will receive an email outlining the outstanding documentation; you will have six months to ensure all required documentation is received by BCCNM.

Competency as​sessment — We must review an application in its entirety before making a determination about the competency assessment requirement. You can expect to receive a letter inviting you to complete the competency assessment within eight weeks of BCCNM receiving all required documentation. You will be given one year to schedule and complete a competency assessment.

Assessment of registration requirements — The assessment stage begins when all documentation is received. You can expect to receive a BCCNM assessment letter within eight weeks of BCCNM receiving the final document (normally the NCAS​ report). The assessment outlines your registration requirements including any required transitional education, the national nursing exam, and indicates the order in which requirements must be met. You will be given three years to complete all registration requirements.