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The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) is the organization that all internationally educated registered nurses must apply to before applying for registration in B.C.

The NNAS collects and assesses your documents and information. After the NNAS reviews and assesses your application, they will prepare an advisory report. Be sure to inform NNAS that you intend to apply to BCCNM so that we can easily gain assess to your NNAS report.

Please note: All requests and communication about this part of the process should be directed to the NNAS.

After you complete the NNAS process, you need to apply to BCCNM​. We will access your NNAS file, including the documents you submitted to NNAS, and complete our own review of your application.

For more information about how to start the application process with NNAS, please visit their NNA​S website.


​We stron​gly recommend you do not apply to NNAS unless you have passing English test results. 

NNAS will only accept current test results that are less than six months old when you apply to NNAS.​