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Competency assessment

Applicants must be referred to NCAS in order to complete a competency assessment
Most internationally educated applicants will have to complete a competency assessment after the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) submits their advisory report. The competency assessment enables internationally educated nurses to demonstrate experience and competence that may not be reflected in an assessment of their education alone. 

The competency assessment evaluates your skills against competencies required for entry-level practice in the province. If gaps are identified, it will assist in determining what transitional education is required. 

NCAS competency assessment

Competency assessments are completed through the Nursing Community Assessment Service​ (NCAS) and assess an applicant’s nursing competency against the competencies required to enter three health care professions in British Columbia:

After completing both the computer-based assessment (100 testing locations around the world) and the simulation lab assessment (Vancouver, B.C.), all applicants will receive three distinct competency reports that they can then use to seek registration in the health profession of their choice.