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​In an effort to continue to focus on our regulatory work and create alignment between the professions we regulate, the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) will transfer responsibility for CNPS professional liability protection (PLP) to the provincial nursing association, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), effective March 1, 2021. This transition impacts practising NPs, RNs, RPNs and employed student registrants.

A summary of the changes is provided in the table below. For more information, read the full announcement: CNPS professional liability protection will transition to provincial nurse association​or scroll down to read the frequently asked questions below the table.​
​Flowchart: Your liability protection purchase options

What's changing (and what's not)



Future (2021-22)

Registration requirement

Professional liability protection (PLP)  was a requirement for practising registration.

No change. Professional liability protection will remain a registration requirement.

When to purchase

RNs and student nurses purchased their CNPS professional liability protection during renewal.

No change. Practising RNs and student nurses will continue to purchase their PLP option during renewal.

Group rate vs. individual beneficiary rate

Registrants purchased their CNPS PLP at the CNPS group rate. This is a separate fee paid at renewal, and is not included in BCCNM registration fees.

Registrants will choose how they would like to purchase their PLP. They have two options:

1. Purchase NNPBC membership and obtain CNPS PLP at the group rate; or

2. Obtain PLP as an independent CNPS beneficiary at the individual rate.


Fees covered 12 months

Fees will cover 13 months to align with extended BCCNM registration year

Cost of CNPS Professional liability protection

Registrants purchased CNPS PLP at the group rate for:

  • $50.40 (incl. GST) for RNs, RPNs and students​

Note: Registrants automatically pay the group rate because BCCNM is currently the CNPS jurisdictional member 

The cost depends on the option chosen:

  • $109.20 for the bundled option ($54.60 NNPBC + $54.60 CNPS PLP at the group rate)*


  • $164.85 for CNPS at the individual rate     

* Employed student nurses: the bundled option costs $86.10 ($31.50 NNPBC associate fee + $54.60 CNPS PLP at the group rate) .

Note: In 2021-22 NNPBC membership will no longer include CNA membership.

Cost of NNPBC (association) membership

Registrants had the option to purchase Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) membership, which included Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) membership, for:

  • $129.83

Association membership

NNPBC (association) membership was optional.

No change. NNPBC membership is still optional.

CNPS Jurisdictional membership

BCCNM was jurisdictional member for CNPS and had access to the preferential CNPS group rate.

NNPBC will be jurisdictional member for CNPS and have access to the preferential CNPS  group rate. 

Frequently asked questions​

Is there going to be a reduction in my BCCNM registration fees?
  • ​While nurse registrants pay both their BCCNM registration fee and CNPS professional liability protection fee during registration renewal, the two fees have always been separate, and appear as separate items on your invoice. 
  • Last year, RNs and employed student nurses paid $50.40 (incl. GST) for CNPS professional liability protection, in addition to BCCNM registration fees.​

What is the cost breakdown for the bundled option?
  • ​NNPBC membership: $54.60 incl. GST
  • CNPS PLP (group rate): $54.60 incl. GST

Both fees are for 13 months to align with our registration year for 2021-22.​​​

Do I have to purchase NNPBC membership in order to get the lower group CNPS rate?

​Yes. As the B.C. jurisdictional member for CNPS, NNPBC provides access to the group rate. This is bundled with association membership.  

You have the option of purchasing your PLP as an individual beneficiary at the cost of $164.85 if you do not want to become a member of the association. This option will also be available on your renewal application.​​​

​Why is the individual rate more expensive?
  • The price difference is due to the preferential group rate, which can be accessed through NNPBC.
  • CNPS operates on a membership model – in each province a jurisdictional member facilitates access to the CNPS group fee. In some provinces the member is the college, in others it is the provincial nursing association.
  • The individual rate is the same as what nurses in other jurisdictions across Canada pay when buying registering for PLP independently. This approach is consistent across all provinces with a CNPS jurisdictional membership.  ​

Can I get my liability protection on my own?

​​Professional liability protection must be obtained from CNPS unless:

  • CNPS is unable to provide the protection and/or
  • You (as the registrant) are ineligible for CNPS PLP

In this scenario, the provider would need to be approved by the BCCNM board and meet the requirements as laid out in the BCCNM bylaws. ​​

Why do I need PLP? I’m covered by my employer

​Learn more about your professional liability protection vs what your employer may provide.​​

Will my protection change?

​​​No. Registrants will not see any changes to the level of service and protection that they receive from CNPS today.​​

Why has the college chosen to work with the association?
  • ​Other regulated health professionals in British Columbia – including midwives – access their PLP through their professional associations.
  • While having PLP is a registration requirement, BCCNM believes it is outside of the college’s regulatory scope to assist nurses in the provision of their PLP. This transition will enable us to focus on our regulatory mandate to protect the public.
  • We believe that NNPBC, as the provincial nursing association, is appropriately placed to take on this work on behalf of nurses in B.C.
  • We encourage you to visit to learn more about their programs and service.​

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