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You may think that because your employer has liability insurance, you are automatically covered, but that might not be the case. There is no legal requirement in Canada for employers to provide a minimum amount of liability coverage for their employees.

While many employers have personal coverage for their employees, others may not provide it, may unknowingly provide an inadequate amount, or may require health care professionals to carry their own professional liability protection.

The table below compares CNPS PLP with employer liability coverage.

Professional Liability Protection Employer coverage

Amount of PLP

Up to $10 million individually per nurse
No minimum legal requirement. May vary from one employer to another.

Nursing activities eligible for PLP

Extends to all nursing activities whether as employee, volunteer or independent contractor Generally limited to nursing activities conducted within the scope of employment

Types of claims to which PLP extends

All civil claims arising from the practice of nursing May not extend to certain claims that nurses may face, such as allegations of breach of privacy, abuse, sexual impropriety, defamation

Duration of PLP


CNPS protection extends to claims arising from care provided by NP, RN, and RPN registrants while they were BCCNP registrants, irrespective of when the claim is commenced.
May vary from one employer to another. In some cases, protection may expire once the policy is no longer in force

Group limit

Each nurse is eligible for a $10 M limit per year irrespective of the number of claims An employer may have one financial limit shared by the organization and all employees

Other services

Legal representation/defence in the case of:

  • Police inquiries
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Human rights complaints
  • Failure to comply with legislative requirement under child abuse, motor vehicle or privacy legislation
  • Request to act as a witness
  • Coroner’s inquest and public inquiries
  • Participation in medical assistance in dying

Contract reviews

Seminars on legal developments and risk management strategies

Inquire with employer