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What's new for registration renewal in 2021: LPNs

Dec 7, 2020

The registration renewal period for nurses is on its way; read on for the information you need to know for renewal this year.

Registration renewal dates and deadlines

A big change this year for LPNs is the dates and deadlines of renewal. After a 14-month registration year for 2019-20, LPN renewal will take place in January and February of 2021.

  • Renewal open: Monday, January 4, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Renewal deadline: Friday, February 26 at 4:30 p.m.

Why the renewal deadline is early this year

Registration renewal closes at 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 28 unless the deadline falls on the weekend (as it does this year). In this situation, the renew deadline is 4:30 p.m. on the last weekday of the month. 

Below are some additional items to be aware of as you prepare to renew your registration​:

LPNs will see an​ increase for 2021-22; you will pay $514.80 in registration fees for a 13-month registration year. Read the fee summary to learn more about the details​.​

Credit card fee

Please note: This fee is being temporarily deferred and will not be charged during renewal. Learn more. ​
Starting in January 2021, payments made by Mastercard or Visa will have a 2.5% convenience fee added directly by the credit card processor. The fee is applied to help offset credit card fees by individuals who choose to use this method of payment. This fee is paid directly to the credit card companies and/or Moneris. Learn more about other payment options​. ​
13-month registration year
When you renew in January/February 2021, you will renew for 13 months. Once renewed, your registration will be valid until March 31, 2022. The future renewal registration year will then revert back to a 12-month period.

why this is happening

This change will move registration renewal further away from the busy holiday period, based on consistent feedback from nurse registrants. Learn more.
Indigenous identity questions
In partnership and collaboration with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), BCCNM is supporting the collection of data about current and future B.C. First Nations and other Indigenous health professionals in British Columbia. Registrants will have the option of answering three questions on their registration renewal application. The questions were included for NPs, RNs, RPNs last year; they are being included in the LPN renewal application this year. The questions are
  • Do you identify yourself as an Indigenous person, that is, First Nations, Metis or Inuk (Inuit)?
  • If you identify as an Indigenous person, are you First Nations, Metis or Inuk (Inuit)?
  • If you identify as an Indigenous person, which specific Indigenous nation, community and/or band are you a member of/do you identify with?
Learn more about why this information is being collected and how it will be used.
Renewal receipts by email
After you submit your renewal application and pay your fees, we will send you your renewal receipt by email within 24 hours. You no longer need to download your renewal receipt from your BCCNM account.
Registration fee rebate: Sharing information with BCNU (optional)
If you are a member of the BC Nurses’ Union (BCNU) and are covered by the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) collective agreement, you may be eligible for a $215 reimbursement on your renewal fees. Learn more about the reimbursement from BCNU.

This year within the renewal application, BCNU members will have the option to consent to BCCNM sharing your personal information with BCNU for reimbursement purposes. If you are a BCNU member and choose this option, you will not need to provide your registration receipt as proof of registration when you apply to BCNU for the reimbursement.
Purchasing association membership (optional)
Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) is the nursing association for all nurses in B.C. This year, LPNs will have the option of purchasing NNPBC membership on their renewal application. If you choose to purchase membership, the NNPBC membership fee of $54.60 (incl. GST) will be added to your renewal invoice. ​

Need more information about registration renewal?

Check out the How to Renew section​ on our website for more information and frequently asked questions. 

Renewal support during the pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, BCCNM offices remain closed to walk-ins and we expect this to be the case throughout the renewal period. While we will not be able to assist you in-person, you will be able to reach us by phone at 604.742.6200 (1.866.880.7101 toll-free in Canada) or by email at​.​