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Organizational departments


BCCNM employs a staff of more than 140 people who conduct the day-to-day operational activities of the organization and implement decisions of the college's board by carrying out or administering ongoing programs and services for registrants, and providing support to committees. 

BCCNM staff work in six​​ organizational areas:

  • Office of the Registrar & CEO
  • Communications & People
  • Operations
  • Regulatory Policy & Programs
  • Inquiry, Discipline & Monitoring
  • Strategy & Governance


Office of the Registrar & CEO

Cynthia Johansen, Registrar & ​CEO 
General Inquiries:

Communications & People

Katherine Graham, Chief Officer​​
Department inquiries:


Daniel Laflèche, Chief Officer
Department inquiries:

Regulatory Policy & Programs​

Christine Penney, Chief Officer
Department inquiries:

Inquiry, Discipline & Monitoring

Etienne van Eck​, Deputy Registrar & Executive Director
Department inquiries:

Strategy & Governance

Bradley Chisholm​, Chief Officer
Department inquiries: ​​