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Nursing Professionals
Nursing Professionals
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Midwifery Professionals
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Nov. 25​, 2022​  ​​ new 
2023-24 BCCNM registration fees​​

Nov. 25​, 2022​  ​​ new 

Provincial government introduces new legislation to replace the Health Professions Act​​

Nov. 24​, 2022​  ​​ new 
BCCNM board approves changes to RN certified practice Remote Practice requirements​​

​Nov. 24​, 2022​  ​​ new 
BCCNM board approves amendments to Medication practice standard​​

Nov. 24​, 2022​  ​​ new 
BCCNM board approves amendments to LPN, RPN scope of practice​​

Nov. 24​, 2022​  ​​ new 
BCCNM board approves new medications and substances standard for midwives​​

Nov. 22​, 2022​  ​​ new 

Prescription pad orders not processed over the holiday break​​

​​Nov. 14​, 2022​  ​​

Updated language proficiency test benchmarks in effect​​

Applying the standards


Reporting suspected impaired practice or narcotic diversion in the w​orkplace

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Taking pictures of clients: is it ever OK?

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Common complaints to the college

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