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LPNs performing throat swabs for COVID-19 screening: clarification

Dec 8, 2020

​BCCNM has received questions regarding LPNs performing throat swabs (versus nasal swabs) to test for COVID-19.  The Provincial Health Officer's May 7, 2020 order allows LPNs to perform a throat swab within their autonomous scope of practice (without a client-specific order), as part of a COVID-19 screening program authorized by the Medical Health Officer for their geographic area.

LPNs are to follow BCCDC Guidelines and have their competence assessed by their employer or the Medical Health Officer.  LPNs still require a client-specific order to perform a throat swab that is not part of such a screening program.

BCCNM has updated the Scope of Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses: Standards, Limits and Conditions to reflect this. See pages 28-29.