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BCCNM board approves amendments to RPN scope of practice relating to immunizations

Jan 28, 2021

​The BCCNM board on Jan. 28, 2021, approved revisions to the Scope of Practice for Registered Psychiatric Nurses: Standards, Limits and Conditions relating to immunoprophylactic agents. These changes are effective immediately.

The previous RPN scope of practice limits and conditions for prescribing, compounding, administering or dispensing immunoprophylactic agents for the purpose of preventing disease were seen as a barrier to RPNs participating fully in the provincial COVID-19 vaccination program. As such, they have been broadened to require that RPNs possess the competencies established by the BCCDC and follow decision support tools established by the BCCDC.

These changes address the COVID-19 vaccination response as well as future situations. You can see the changes on page 56–57 of the Scope of Practice for RPNs.