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BCCNM board approves revised scope of practice limits and conditions for nurses providing medical aesthetic services

Jun 30, 2022

The BCCNM board on June 30, 2022, approved revised scope of practice limits and conditions for LPNs, NPs, RNs, and RPNs providing medical aesthetic services. The revised limits and conditions reflect developments in medical aesthetic practice, ensure consistent practice across nursing designations and public protection, and establish requirements for nurses who practise in this area.

These changes take effect August 2, 2022.

Summary of changes

BCCNM standards, limits, and conditions must account for the full range of procedures and medications/substances used for aesthetic purposes and be broad enough to mitigate risks associated with future procedures and medications/substances. Therefore, the following definition of medical aesthetics now applies to BCCNM's limits and conditions:

“Medical aesthetics" refers to elective non-surgical clinical procedures that include the performance of a restricted activity and are primarily intended to alter or restore a person's appearance.

LPNs, ​​RNs, and RPNs working in this field:

  • Will be required to complete additional education

  • Will require an order to undertake a​​ procedure t​​hat involves an injectable drug or substance or an implantable device

  • Will only be permitted to administer injecta​ble drugs or substances or implantable devices for medical aesthetic purposes when the ordering (or responsible) health professional is or will be present within the facility and immediately available for consultation

​NPs working in this field:

  • Will be req​uired to complete additional education

  • Only order or pr​ovide care in appropriate clinical settings that are suitable to safely perform the procedure and include the equipment and supplies necessary to manage emergency situations

  • U​se only products approved by Health Canada

  • Only provide or order medical aesthetic procedures for clients under the age of 19 for the treatment of acne or scarring

  • A​​s the ordering (or responsible) health professional, must be present within the facility and immediately available for consultation

Review the revised limits and co​nditions