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Emergency Health Provider Registry

Jul 7, 2022

​As we head into the summer season and its increased risk of wildfires or floods, along with the continuing impacts to our system from COVID-19, the need for health human resources to respond to urgent or emergency events remains. The Emergency Health Provider Registry is an important part of B.C.’s plan to ensure the health care system is prepared to care for British Columbians through any emergency. The Ministry of Health is currently undertaking a refresh of the registry and needs your help.  ​​

Registrants who signed up for the registry 

You will receive an email from FreshWorks asking you to confirm your continued interest in being on the registry and verify your information on the updated registry webform.​

Registrants who have not signed up 

If you are willing and able to support pandemic and emergency response in B.C., please consider joining the registry by completing the Health Provider Registry for B.C.’s Emergency Response webform.  

If you have questions about this process, please refer to the Ministry of Health’s website​ for frequently asked questions and other updated information.