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BCCNM in 2018 introduced multisource feedback as a mandatory quality assurance requirement. Every registered nurse and nurse practitioner in B.C. must participate once every five years, in order to meet their quality assurance requirements with the college.

Multisource feedback is a quality assurance requirement. Every nurse in B.C. must complete multisource feedback during their assigned year. Nurses are informed via email in January when it’s their year to participate in multisource feedback. Once they’ve completed registration renewal, participants are directed to My Professional Plan, an online application, to invite their colleagues by email to provide them with confidential feedback via an online questionnaire (view the colleague invitation email).

How does it work?

Before renewal

  1. Sometime before you sign in to renew your registration, ask at least three colleagues if they would be willing to give you feedback via BCCNM’s online questionnaire.
  2. Make sure you get their current email address, as you will need this to send the invitations to participate.
  3. At renewal

  4. Log in to your BCCNM account.
  5. Read the information about the multisource feedback requirement carefully, and ensure you are aware of and understand your quality assurance requirements for this year.
  6. Complete the renewal process.
  7. Once renewal status is granted

  8. As soon as you’ve successfully renewed your registration, you’ll receive a “status granted” email. You have 30 calendar days from the date that email is sent to complete the multisource feedback process. Get started right away! (note that this 30-days does not include completing and evaluating their Professional Development plan).
  9. Log in to your BCCNM account, using your registration email and password. Once you are logged into your account you will see the My Professional Plan screen.
  10. Open My Professional Plan by clicking on the box that says, Go to My Professional Plan.
  11. Click on the multisource feedback icon, which will take you to the Invite screen.
  12. Enter the names and emails of your colleagues, one at a time, and press Send. Send only one invitation per person.
  13. Once invitations are sent

  14. Monitor how many colleagues have given feedback by logging into My Professional Plan at any time to get a snapshot of where you’re at in the process.
  15. If fewer than three colleagues have responded, you can enter the names and email addresses of additional colleagues. You need a minimum of three responses to get a feedback report, so we encourage you to invite 5-10 colleagues.
  16. We’ll also keep you informed as your 30 calendar days decrease, letting you know if you need to invite more colleagues to ensure you meet the minimum. We will also remind your colleagues who haven’t responded.
  17. After the 30 day feedback period

  18. You will receive an email with a link to your report. Depending on how many responses you receive this will either be a report of your self-assessment or a multisource feedback report that includes your peer feedback
  19. Use the feedback report to help identify areas of your practice you want to improve and guide your activities. Completing and evaluating a Professional Development Plan in the My Professional Plan platform is mandatory.
  20. Completing your PD Plan

  21. To complete the second part of the multisource feedback process you need to develop, implement, and evaluate two or more learning goals using the Professional Development Plan section of My Professional Plan.
  22. You have until October 31, to complete your goals and evaluate them
  23. You will receive a pop up to confirm you have completed the PD Plan once both goals have been evaluated

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​​All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us