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​​​​​​Each year, nurses must:

  • Complete a self-assessment (at renewal)
  • Collect peer feedback
  • Create a professional development plan
  • Evaluat​​​e the impact of their learning on their practice

As part of the annual renewal application, nurses must attest that they completed these activities in the previous year. If they are unable to complete one or more activities, they must provide an explanation. 

At registration renewal

What should nurses do before registration renewal?

To prepare for registration renewal, we recommend nurses review the professional standards for their designation and the self-assessment questionnaire relevant to their practice.

Nurses answer these self-assessment questions on the registration renewal form, but many nurses find it helpful to review the questions in advance, so they have time to reflect on their practice and where they'd like to focus their professional development for next year. To meet their annual quality assurance requirements, nurses should also seek peer feedback on their practice and developed and evaluated a professional development (PD) plan.

Do nurses have to submit anything to BCCNM?

No. Nurses report the required information during registration renewal, so they don't need to send or submit anything to the college.
Nurses must keep records of their QA activities (i.e., peer feedback they receive, professional development plans) should BCCNM ask to see them in the future.

What happens after nurses renew their registration?

Once nurses have renewed their registration, they can begin their QA activities for the upcoming year. Using their self-assessment as a guide, they seek feedback from peers and colleagues to identify areas for improvement, and then create a professional development plan. ​

​Nurse practitioner requiremen​​​ts

As pa​rt of answering the personal practice review questions during renewal, NPs will be asked to:

  • Attest to completing a critical review of client records​.