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for the purposes of collecting a blood sample or donation, perform venipuncture;




for the purposes of establishing intravenous access, maintaining patency or managing hypovolemia,





perform venipuncture, or





administer a solution by parenteral instillation

The Regulation permits registered nurses to carry out venipuncture without an order for the following purposes:

Collecting a blood sample or donation from a client

Establishing and maintaining intravenous (IV) access

Managing hypovolemia

In addition, the Regulation states that registered nurses may administer parenteral solutions, such as normal saline, to begin or maintain an IV without an order or to manage hypovolemia to deal with shock (e.g., a client who is bleeding following major trauma, a client who has had too much fluid taken off during hemodialysis treatment).

BCCNM Limits and Conditions

Registered nurses require a client-specific order before inserting a central venous catheter.