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Instillation and injection









nutrition by enteral instillation,





purified protein derivative by injection, for the purpose of tuberculosis screening

The Regulation permits registered nurses to administer enteral feeds without an order.

BCCNM Limits and Conditions

Within autonomous scope of practice, registered nurses can administer enteral feeds only to stable clients with an established diet. Registered nurses must follow a client-specific order from an appropriate health professional for all other clients.

Registered nurses require a client-specific order from a listed health professional for any client whose condition is unstable or whose diet is not well established. In addition, registered nurses are encouraged to collaborate with a dietitian or pharmacist about providing nutritional care to clients.

The Regulation authorizes registered nurses to administer purified protein derivative in doing a tuberculin skin test (commonly known as a Mantoux test) to screen for tuberculosis.

BCCNM Limits and Conditions

Registered nurses administering purified protein derivative must possess the competencies established by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and follow decision support tools established by BCCDC.