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2021-22 registration fees: Nurse practitioners

Oct 29, 2020

In 2021-22, several factors will impact overall nurse practitioner fees. They are summarized below; for a full list of BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) fees, please visit the NP fees page.

Practising NP registration fees

In 2021-22, practising nurse practitioners will pay $803.88 in BCCNM registration fees for 13 months of registration. This includes:


A fee increase of $21.90 or 3%.


A one-time cost of $62.93 to pay for an extra month of registration to move the renewal period to February/March for 2022.

Non-practising NP registration fees

BCCNM registration fees for non-practising nurse practitioner registration will increase to $102.96. This includes a $3.65 (3%) increase, and $8.06 for an additional month of registration. Other fees outlined above do not impact non-practising registrants.

Why a registration fee increase is necessary

As a not-for-profit organization, BCCNM aims to set fees on cost-recovery basis. This fee increase proactively managed costs that include:


New regulatory work: BCCNM’s regulatory role continues to expand as we respond to system initiatives such as the response to the opioid crisis and the recommendations from the Investigation into Systemic Racism Against Indigenous Peoples in the BC Healthcare System.


The unexpected: While the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced planned spending on activities not currently moving forward, it has also increased unanticipated spending to respond to the pandemic, including the temporary shift to employees working from home, and the cost of managing temporary emergency registrants. It is unclear how the pandemic may affect our regulatory work moving forward.


Improving regulatory outcomes: We continue to move forward on initiatives such as the new LPN entry to practice exam, harmonizing standards across nursing designations, and integration of cultural safety and humility within our governance and operational structures.


Improving operational efficiency: Following the amalgamation of the nursing and midwifery regulators, planning is underway to design new business processes and improve IT systems.

CNPS and association membership

As announced earlier this week, BCCNM is transferring responsibility for Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) professional liability protection (PLP) to Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), the provincial nursing association, on March 1, 2021. Learn more about this change.

Practising NPs will still pay for PLP during registration renewal but will now have the option of joining NNPBC and obtaining CNPS PLP at the preferential group rate or obtaining their professional liability protection as an independent beneficiary and paying the individual rate.

Practising NP fee summary



Option 1

 Option 2
CNPS only
BCCNM registration$803.88 $803.88
CNPS PLP$181.44$375.38
NNPBC membership$54.60-
Total $1,039.92 $1,179.26

*Amounts reflect 13-month registration period and include GST for CNPS and NNPBC fees.

Other changes

Application fees

BCCNM application fees are being adjusted to reflect the cost of the work required to assess applications, including:


Application assessment fees for reinstatement to practising registration will increase by $5.00 to $230 to align with the application fee for initial registration for BC graduates.


Initial or reinstatement applications for the certified practice designation will increase from $50.00 to $100.00.

Credit card fee

Please note: This fee is being temporarily deferred and will not be charged during renewal. Learn more. ​
BCCNM pays credit card fees on every transaction where a credit card is used for payment. This amounts to approximately $750,000 a year in credit card fees. Starting in January 2021, payments made by Mastercard or Visa will have a 2.5% convenience fee added directly by the credit card processor. Direct debit and pre-authorized payment are available as additional payment options.

BCNU college registration fee reimbursement

Nurses who are members of the BC Nurses’ Union (BCNU) and are covered by the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA) collective agreement may be eligible for a $215 reimbursement of their annual college registration renewal fee. This year on their registration renewal application, eligible registrants can consent to BCCNM sharing their personal information with BCNU for reimbursement purposes. If a registrant chooses this option, they will no longer need to provide their registration receipt as proof of registration when they apply to BCNU for the reimbursement. 


If you have questions about 2021-22 registration fees, please contact us at or 604.742.6200.