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Providing telehealth services: information for nurses and midwives

Mar 1, 2021

Update June 25, 2021

BCCNM is continuing its policy work in this area, and will provide further updates in the Fall of 2021.

Original announcement

As of March 1, 2021, the Telehealth Practice Standard for registered nurses and nurse practitioners is no longer in effect. The rescinded standard stated that RNs/NPs providing care to residents in B.C. via telehealth, who held registration in another Canadian jurisdiction, did not require registration in B.C.

Rescinding the standard is BCCNM's first step in aligning our approach with other Canadian regulators who require nurses or midwives to hold active registration in the specific jurisdiction when they provide services by telehealth to residents in the region.

At the present time, there is no change to the expectation that nurses or midwives providing telehealth services in Canada hold active practice registration in good standing with a Canadian jurisdiction.

Next steps

In 2021, BCCNM expects to implement the requirement that nurses and midwives, providing any nursing or midwifery care to residents of B.C. by telehealth, have registration in good standing with BCCNM. Additionally, individuals may not use the title of LPN, RN, RPN, NP or midwife in BC without holding BCCNM registration.

This policy work is underway and we will provide further communication later this fall on the approach. BCCNM will provide ample advance notice of when this policy will take effect. For nurses who are currently providing telehealth services to residents of B.C., we recommend you consider starting your application for registration with BCCNM now.