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May 5 is International Midwives' Day

May 4, 2021

On behalf of the public we serve, we want to thank B.C.’s midwives for their role in nurturing healthy families. Your contributions make a difference in the lives of so many British Columbians.

As experts in healthy pregnancy and birth, B.C. midwives care for expectant parents and babies every day, from pregnancy, labour, and birth through the postpartum period.

Since the beginning of 2020, midwives have been called upon to deliver care to clients under extraordinary circumstances. They have been asked to provide care in familiar and unfamiliar settings.

Midwives are playing a vital role in the wellness of our communities while also dealing with the impact of the pandemic on their own lives. Thank you, midwives, for the dedication, care, and expertise you're providing to your clients and their babies during these extremely challenging times. We are grateful for everything you do.