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Nurses, midwives must register with BCCNM to provide care to people in British Columbia

Jan 28, 2022

BCCNM is today clarifying that nurses and midwives registered or licensed in other jurisdictions must be registered with BCCNM to practice as a nurse or midwife in B.C., whether providing services in-person or using a virtual care method.

This follows an extensive analysis of our standards of practice, registration policies and governing legislation, and builds on the principle that “care is care, no matter how it is provided" (Health Canada, August 2021).

BCCNM is committed to advancing multijurisdictional registration/licensure and creating a shared foundation for regulators in Canada to build on. Clarifying this policy brings BCCNM into a shared foundation with the majority of Canadian nurse regulators, which require nurses to hold registration in the client's location. 



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