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BCCNM board approves new limits and conditions for RN Certified Practice

Oct 4, 2022

The BCCNM board on Sep. 29, 2022, approved revised limits and conditions on Registered Nurse Certified Practice. These changes take effect Nov. 7, 2022.

Summary of changes

The changes to the RN scope of practice limits and conditions for certified practice clarify the requirements to be met by RNs authorized under Section 8 of the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation. The new limits and conditions outline requirements for:

  • Completing an education course/program specific to the certified practice designation;
  • Following clinical decision support tools specific to the certified practice designation;
  • Ensuring competency when performing a new activity added to their certified practice designation;
  • Confirming that policies, processes, and resources are in place to ensure continuity of care for the client including consultation and referral pathways;
  • Being designated as a prescriber by the organization responsible for the health care of the client, obtaining a prescriber number, and completing additional prescribing-specific  education approved by BCCNM before prescribing*.

Additionally, the proposed limits and conditions identify the certified practice education programs approved by BCCNM; outline the diseases, disorders, and conditions allowed to be diagnosed and treated by RN(C)s; and identify the drug schedules and therapeutic classes of the medications allowed to be administered, dispensed, or prescribed as per their respective certified practice decision support tools. 

A reminder that the Certified Practice competencies and decisions support tools are maintained by the Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC.

*Important note re: prescribing by certified practice nurses

It is imperative to note that BCCNM-approved education related to prescribing is not yet available. Organizations will need to implement processes to support RN(C) prescribing. Education specific to prescribing is required prior to existing RN(C)s acting as an RN(C) prescriber. In the meantime, RN(C)s are still authorized to administer and dispense medications using current processes established by their employer(s).

Important note re: the PRIME initiative

BCCNM is supporting the Ministry of Health as it rolls out PRIME, the system by which all healthcare professionals will access PharmaNet. Certified Practice Registered Nurses will receive an email in November 2022, inviting them to enrol in PRIME and providing them with their new PharmaNet ID.

It is imperative to note that this PharmaNet ID does not authorize you to prescribe. Rather, it will grant you access to PharmaNet if you need it to deliver patient care. Once a prescribing course is in place, and Certified Practice nurses are able to meet all the conditions related to prescribing, they will apply to BCCNM for prescribing authority.