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BCCNM board approves changes to RN certified practice Remote Practice requirements

Nov 24, 2022

​The BCCNM board on Nov. 24, 2022, approved amended RN certified practice scope of practice limits and conditions for Remote Practice certification. BCCNM will no longer require RNs who wish to attain certification in Remote Practice to successfully complete the Reproductive Health — Contraceptive Management and Reproductive Health — Sexually Transmitted Infections certified practices. This change takes effect Jan. 5, 2023.


This change was made in response to feedback from Remote Practice RNs and their employers about the requirement to complete the Reproductive Health certified practice requirements before being allowed to diagnose and treat the diseases and disorders contained within the Remote Practice decision support tools (DSTs).  This requirement  did not allow the nurse to consolidate newly learned competencies and provide timely access to care, particularly for underserved populations​.

To meet the needs of the client populations they care for, RNs certified in Remote Practice and their employers may decide that the nurse will include contraceptive management and/or the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections within their nursing practice. Employers can then support nurses to obtain and maintain the Reproductive Health — Contraceptive Management and/or Reproductive Health — Sexually Transmitted Infections certified practices as needed.

BCCNM will be communicating this change to all Certified Practice nurses as well as employers.


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