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Revisions to RM ordering and interpreting screening and diagnostic tests standard

Mar 29, 2023

In February 2023, BCCNM surveyed midwives about draft revisions to Registered Midwives Ordering and Interpreting Screening and Diagnostic Tests: Standards, Limits, and Conditions.

This draft standard has been renamed to: Registered Midwives Screening and Diagnostic Tests: Standards, Limits, and Conditions. Thank you to the 38 midwives who took the time to take the survey. This is an 11 % response rate, up from 6% from our previous survey.

What we heard

  • Just over half of respondents (53%) agreed the draft standards, limits and conditions set clear expectations, while 31% found the expectations to be somewhat clear, and 16% found them unclear.
  • 58% felt the new standard will not pose a significant challenge to their current practice.
  • Midwives told us that they often rely on the list of screening and diagnostic tests in the current standard to understand their scope of practice.
  • Midwives identified the risk of not fully understanding their scope of practice related to diagnostic tests if the list of tests is removed.

BCCNM staff will continue to develop and engage with midwives on the proposed standards, limits, and conditions this spring, and consider what resources are required to support midwives when ordering or performing screening and diagnostic tests.

We thank you for your engagement on this survey — your feedback is valued and important, and we appreciate those who took the time to share their thoughts.