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BCCNM releases its Commitment to Action Plan 2023-24

Apr 19, 2023

​BCCNM is pleased today to share our Commit​ment to Action: 2023-24 Redressing Harm to Indigenous Peoples in the Health Care System plan (“Redressing Harm plan").

Redressing Harm to Indigenous Peoples in the Health-care System  

 This updated action plan builds on BCCNM's Commitment to Action: Constructive disruption to Indigenous-specific racism amongst B.C. Nurses and Midwives  released in September 2021. The Redressing Harm plan will continue to direct our work to address, constructively disrupt, and effectively dismantle systemic Indigenous-specific racism, with an overall goal to set right historical harms to which B.C. health regulators have contributed.

The Redressing Harm plan incorporates recommendations from the following:

  • The B.C. Government's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act Action Plan

  • Remembering Keegan: A B.C. First Nations Case Study Reflection

  • The B.C. Patient Safety and Quality Council's Indigenous Patient Feedback Principles

  • Existing actions from the 2022 Commitment to Action plan, and,

  • An external review of BCCNM's investigation, discipline and monitoring processes.

We recognize that many of the recommendations within these reports often intersect, further demonstrating the urgent and ongoing need for system change and accountability.

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