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Multisource feedback for LPNs and RPNs

Aug 28, 2023

​In 2024, registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) will begin participating in the multisource feedback process, a Quality Assurance program requirement that registered nurses and nurse practitioners already participate in.

Feedback from peers, mentors, and clients can help a nurse objectively identify areas in their practice where they can improve and areas where they do well.  The multisource feedback process is a structured way of seeking such feedback from nursing and non-nursing colleagues.

The multisource feedback process

Using BCCNM's My Professional Plan platform, nurses invite a minimum of three colleagues via email to provide feedback by completing a questionnaire about observable behaviours. The answers are confidential and anonymous, and intended for the nurse's own professional development.

Nurses have 30 days from their renewal date to complete the multisource feedback process. Once completed, they receive a report containing their peer feedback—including comments—and how it maps to their own self assessment.

If 2024 is your year to complete multisource feedback, you'll receive an email notification in January. You can then start thinking about who you'd like to ask for feedback and begin collecting email addresses. Colleagues can only be invited once a nurse has renewed their 2024 practising status.

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