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Applicant advisory: Scams targeting internationally educated nurse applicants

Feb 28, 2024

The BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) and Inspire Global Assessments (formerly NCAS) have become aware that internationally educated nurses (IENs) applying for registration in​ British Columbia are being targeted by a scam. Agencies and/or individuals are charging applicants high fees to submit applications to BCCNM and Inspire on their behalf.  In some cases, these third parties are demanding more money to give applicants access to their accounts. 

These agencies are not endorsed by BCCNM or Inspire and should not be used by applicants. Applications must be completed and submitted by the person applying for registration. IEN applicants should use caution when getting assistance from others when applying for registration.

Know the risks

  • You can only create accounts with BCCNM and Inspire once. If you lose access to your account, you cannot create another one.  
  • BCCNM and Inspire application forms are legally binding documents. You must complete and submit these documents yourself. 
  • An application submitted on your behalf may be considered fraudulent and will not be processed. ​

Tips to avoid scams​

  • Create your BCCNM andInspire accounts yourself and do not share your verification links or passwords with anyone.
  • Keep your BCCNM ID and Inspire ID numbers safe and only share them when requested by BCCNM.
  • Never give access to your email account or share your email passwords. 
  • Never give permission for someone to sign a declaration on your behalf. 
  • Be extremely cautious when sharing your personal information or identification. ​