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Nurse practitioners must have a minimum of 900 practice hours as a nurse practitioner (family, adult, pediatrics) in the three years immediately preceding renewal. At least 300 hours must include direct clinical practice with clients. 

Practice hours for NP educators​​​​​

If you are an educator for a BCCNM-recognized NP education program, time spent in clinical practice oversight of nurse practitioner students can be counted toward your clinical practice hours requirement. 

​Knowing what to count

Nurse practitioner practice hours build upon entry-level competencies by applying them to clinical practice, education, administration, or research. You must have: 

What CAN be counted
  • Paid employment in an NP role
  • Self-employment in an NP role
  • Regulatory college, nursing union* or nursing association work
*Nursing practice hours should not be confused with seniority hours in a union.
What you CANNOT count
You can only count hours where you were engaged in nursing practice. You may NOT count:

  • Time absent from practices for reasons such as sickness, vacation, maternity, education, disability, or another type of leave.
  • Hours worked in a role that does not require NP registration (e.g. registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse roles)
  • On-call hours (but not actually practising)
  • Hours working in a job predominantly selling products
  • Time spent caring for family members or friends/neighbours

Reporting practice hours

​You will self-report your practice hours for the previous year on your registration renewal application. You'll be asked to provide a total number of hours, rather than a breakdown of direct clinical versus other types of NP practice. However, please keep this detailed information for your records in the event that your practice hours are audited.​

Unable to meet practice hours ​​requirement​?

​Contact BCCNM Registration at to discuss your situation. ​​​​​​