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Nurse practitioners must have a minimum of 900 practice hours in the three years immediately preceding renewal.

Those 900 hours must be:

  • at the nurse practitioner level in one of the streams of nurse practitioner practice (family, adult, pe​diatrics), and 

  • clinical, including direct patient/client care within the regulated scope of nurse practitioner practice (i.e., diagnosing and managing the care of clients with acute and chronic diseases, disorders and conditions, including ordering diagnostic investigations and prescribing).

If you are an educator

  • Your clinical practice hours may include time spent in direct clinical practice oversight of nurse practitioner students, where accountability for the client care lies with you.
  • You must also meet a requirement of 100 hours per year as a nurse practitioner in direct clinical practice with clients.

Unable to meet practice hours requirements?

If you do not meet the practice hour requirement, you must undergo a review by the Registration Committee to determine the necessary steps required for requalification for renewal (e.g., supervised practice, remedial course work). ​

 Questions about NP practice hours?