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CNPS professional liability protection will transition to provincial nursing association

Oct 26, 2020

In an effort to continue to focus on our regulatory work and create alignment between the professions we regulate, BCCNM has decided to transfer the responsibility for CNPS professional liability protection (PLP) to the provincial nursing association, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC), effective March 1, 2021. This transition impacts practising NPs, RNs, RPNs and employed student registrants. 

Why is this happening?

This change is in alignment with government recommendations to modernize health profession regulation in British Columbia and ensure regulators are solely focused on their mandate to protect the public. While obtaining professional liability protection (PLP) is a registration requirement for BCCNM nurse registrants, BCCNM believes it is beyond the college’s regulatory scope to assist nurses in the provision of their PLP. Given its mandate to serve the nursing profession, NNPBC is appropriately placed to take on this work on behalf of nurses in B.C.

The transition also aligns NPs, RNs and RPNs with other regulated health professionals in British Columbia – including midwives – who access their PLP through their professional associations.

How will this impact nurse registrants?

With an NNPBC membership ($54.60), registrants will have  access to the CNPS preferential group rate, which will be $54.60 for RNs, RPNs and employed students; and $181.44 for NPs.  These rates reflect 13 months of association membership and PLP, in alignment with the 13-month BCCNM registration renewal period for 2021-2022.  This year, nurses will still pay for CNPS PLP during initial registration or registration renewal, but will now have two options:

  1. Purchase NNPBC membership and obtain CNPS PLP at the group rate; or
  2. Obtain PLP as an independent CNPS beneficiary at the individual rate.

The professional liability protection offered under each option is the same;  the preferential group rate is available to NNPBC by virtue of its membership with the CNPS.

​DesignationOption 1: Association membership1 + CNPS PLP (group rate) incl. GSTOption 2: CNPS PLP only (individual rate) incl. GST
​RNs and RPNs​$109.20​$164.85
​Nurse practitioners​$236.04​$375.38
​Employed students​$86.102​$164.85

 1 NNPBC membership no longer includes membership in the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). To join CNA, visit the CNA website.

2 Employed students (ESNs and ESPNs) pay the NNPBC associate member fee of $31.50.

Are you an LPN or non-practising NP, RN or RPN?

The transition of the CNPS membership to NNPBC does not impact non-practising NPs, RNs and RPNs or LPNs. Non-practising registrants do not require professional liability protection. Practising LPNs are currently covered by professional liability under a nationally negotiated insurance policy, and non-practising registrants do not require liability protection. The transition of LPN PLP to CNPS is currently under review.

Practising LPNs and non-practising registrants will be given the option of purchasing NNPBC membership during their renewal application. 


  • If you have questions about the decision to transfer CNPS jurisdictional membership to NNPBC or what is changing, please visit the professional liability protection section for your designation on our website (NP, RN, RPN​) or contact us at  
  • If you have questions about NNPBC membership, or what is included in the bundled association membership and CNPS PLP option, please contact NNPBC at​ or 604-737-1304.
  • For questions about CNPS professional liability protection and what it includes, visit or phone 1.800.267.3390.