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2022-23 registration fees: Registered nurses

Nov 2, 2021

​The BCCNM Board recently approved fees for the 2022-23 registration year. A summary of fee changes is provided below; check the ​​fees page for a full list of fees for registered nurses (RNs). 

BCCNM registration fees

In 2022-23, practising RNs will pay $521.95 in BCCNM registration fees, a 1.5% increase to adjust for inflation. Despite the increase, you will pay $36.41 less than last year, because you will pay for 12 months instead of 13 months.

practising rN fees
BCCNM registration fee
Length of registration year
13 months
12 months
Non-practising RN fees
Non-practising RN fees will not change, but the total amount will decrease by $8.06to $94.90 because the registration year is 12 months instead of 13 months:

Non-practising rN fees
BCCNM registration fee
Length of registration year
13 months
12 months

Liability protection and association membership

Practising RNs are required to have professional liability protection, provided by the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS). Nurses pay for their liability protection during registration renewal, and will have two options: 

Option 1: Bundling liability protection with association (NNPBC) membership.
Option 2: Pay for liability protection only. 

With both options, the liability protection you receive is the same. For more information on liability protection and your options, visit the professional liability protection page

Fee changes

BCCNM collects fees on behalf of the association and CNPS. Both organizations have made changes to their fees for the 2022-23 registration year:  

Total fees

option 1: liability protection + association membership
Option 2: liability protection only
BCCNM registration fee
Liability protection
Association membership

*Includes GST

Frequently asked questions

Why is the CNPS fee different in option 1 and option 2?
The association (NNPBC) is the British Columbia jurisdictional member for CNPS, which gives them access to a reduced group rate for liability protection. NNPBC has bundled that rate with association membership.
Why do I need liability protection?
Liability protection is required in order to:
  • Ensure that individuals who have been harmed due to professional negligence are properly compensated
  • Provide adequate protection to every nursing professional from the costs of defending an allegation made against them and any resulting damages awarded.
Some employers may not provide it, may unknowingly provide an inadequate amount, or may require health care professionals to carry their own professional liability protection. Learn more about the differences between employer-provided liability protection and services offered by CNPS.
How do you determine fees?
We do an annual audit of the cost of the activities required to regulate each profession. As a not-for-profit organization, fees are set by the BCCNM Board based on the estimated cost of regulation for the coming year.
What do my fees pay for?
Registrant fees fund the work of the college in fulfilling its mandate to protect the public. Our core work includes:

Scope of work and standards: We determine the scope, professional standards and practice standards for nursing professionals and midwives in B.C. Current standards are regularly reviewed and new standards are developed to meet the changing healthcare landscape.

Education program review and recognition: BCCNM reviews nursing and midwifery programs in BC and recognizes programs that meet the educational requirements needed for graduates to meet their profession’s standards and practice safely, competently, and ethically.

Registration: We establish the requirements for registration as a nursing professional or midwife in B.C. and assess applicants to determine if they meet those requirements.

Continued competence: We maintain a quality assurance program that promotes continued competence throughout the career of a nursing professional or midwife.

Investigating complaints: We investigate and take action to resolve complaints related to registrant practice.