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BCCNM board amends standard to allow Employed Student Registrants to perform specimen collection for COVID-19 testing

Jan 10, 2022

The BCCNM board on Jan. 10, 2022, approved a temporary exemption, with conditions, to BCCNM standards of practice pertaining to employed student registrants allowing them to perform COVID-19 testing specimen collection under the regulatory supervision of a registered nurse (RN), registered psychiatric nurse (RPN), or nurse practitioner (NP). 

These changes take effect immediately.

Review the temporary exemptions with conditions in the standards:

  • Employed Student Registrants (NPRN, RPN)
  • Regulatory Supervision of Students (NPRN, RPN)


An employed student registrant is a registered nursing or psychiatric nursing student employed in a health care setting during or between terms of a BCCNM-recognized nursing education program, in accordance with BCCNM Bylaws.

BCCNM has therefor approved a temporary exemption to the requirement that ESNs and ESPNs must only perform those activities for which they have gained competence through their BCCNM-recognized education program, to allow them to take additional education provided by the employer and in order to perform specimen collection for the purpose of COVID-19 testing under regulatory supervision.​​

All other requirements of the Employed Student Registrants and Regulatory Supervision of Students practice standards remain in effect.

ESNs and ESPNs who do not meet the conditions set out in the temporary exemption will not be permitted to perform specimen collection if they have not attained competence in this activity through their BCCNM-recognized education program.


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