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2022 election

The 2022 BCCNM election is being conducted in accordance with the Health Professions Act and the College Bylaws. Please see Section 4 of the BCCNM bylaws for information about voter eligibility.
​​​​​2022 BCC​​NM election results

Three-year term of office commencing Jan. 1, 2023.

Rose Melynk was the successful candidate for the registered nurse board position. Tanya Momtazian was the acclaimed candidate for the registered midwife board position.

The vote for the contested registered nurse board position  was administered by Simply Voting .

Registered Nu​​rse Board Position

Rose Melynk — elected

​Registered Mid​​wife Bo​​​​ard Position

Tanya Momtazian​ — acclaimed

​​Than​​ks to all of our  candidates

On behalf of the Governance Committee, many thanks to all of the candidates​ for their interest in becoming involved in the work of the college.

Notice of election

Aug. 31, 2022

The BCCNM Board is the college's governing body and receives its authority from the Health Professions Act (Act). It is responsible for the direction, leadership and strategy of the college, and works to ensure the decisions made by the college have the greatest impact in reducing risk or harm to the public as per its legislated mandate.

In accordance with the Act and the College Bylaws, BCCNM will be holding its first board election this fall.

Voting for the 2022 election will be conducted electronically and hosted by Simply Voting, an independent full-service provider of secure online elections. Registrants eligible to vote will receive an email from Simply Voting prior to the start of the election period with instructions on how to vote. Please see Section 4 of the BCCNM bylaws for voter eligibility conditions.

If you have any questions about your eligibility to vote, please contact the Governance Team at​ before Sept. 16 to confirm your status and ensure your contact records are up to date.

​About the BCCNM​​​ board

There are 10 board members. Five members are public representatives and the other five comprise registrants from the nursing and midwifery designations, i.e., LPN, NP,  RN, RPN, midwives. See BCCNM's current board»​

If you have any questions, please email

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