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​Get involved! Consider joining a BCCNM committee

We're always accepting applications. To complement our existing members, more nurses, midwives and members of the public are needed.​​

 The role of committees​​​​​

​Committees play an important role in BCCNM’s work. They are typically comprised of both members of the public and registrants, who each serve one, two, or three year terms. Every January, about a third of all our committee members will reach the end of their terms in office. Terms ending will either trigger a process for reappointments or create committee vacancies. The number of committee vacancies available will vary from year to year.

There are ten committees at BCCNM. Three committees support the governance and oversight work of the Board. The other seven are regulatory committees, which have been established under the BCCNM bylaws to support the core programs that deliver on BCCNM's legislated mandate.

Regulatory committees

DisciplineEducation Program ReviewInquiryNurse Practitioner Exam​​inationProfessional Practice and StandardsQuality AssuranceRegistration

Board support committees

Finance and AuditGovernanceRegistrar Oversight

Every committee is accountable to the Board, although some have authority under the Health Professions Act to make decisions independent of it. ​