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​Get involved! Consider joining a BCCNM committee

We're always accepting applications. To complement our existing members, more nurses, midwives and members of the public are needed.​​

The ​Discipline Committee (DC) hears allegations of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity that are referred by the Inquiry Committee. If allegations are proven, the DC determines an appropriate remedy following its deliberation of the facts presented by all parties.


DC members are a combination of midwife registrants, nurse registrants, and members of the public as required by BCCNM bylaws. Appointment terms are one, two, or three years. A person can serve on the DC for up to six consecutive years.


The DC meets in-person as a three-person panel when a hearing is necessary. Usually about two months’ notice is provided. BCCNM will consult all committee members on their availability before selecting the panel members. The panel attends a half-day of orientation before a hearing begins. Members do not need to prepare for the hearing but may need to communicate via phone or email with their independent legal counsel.

The number of hearings in a year and the length of each one varies. Committee members should be prepared to participate in one to three panels per year dependent on their availability. This committee is ideal for individuals who have flexible schedules and are able to commit 3.5 days or more for follow-up work.

Committee composition matrix

The document below includes information about the professional or academic skills that committee members may need, as well as other elements relevant to the work, such as personal values, lived experience, varied backgrounds, perspectives, and knowledge.