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​Get involved! Consider joining a BCCNM committee

We're always accepting applications. To complement our existing members, more nurses, midwives and members of the public are needed.​​

The Inquiry Committee (IC) reviews complaints information or other information that could give rise to an investigation, directs the investigation process, and subsequently assesses whether remedial and/or disciplinary action against a registrant is warranted.


The IC members are a combination of midwife registrants, nurse registrants, and members of the public as required by BCCNM bylaws. Appointment terms are one, two, or three years. A person can serve on the IC for up to six consecutive years.


Regular IC meetings are usually held for two hours by teleconference, with preparation time averaging four to six hours for each meeting. The majority of IC work is done in panels of three. IC panels meet once a week with an additional meeting in the last week of each month. IC only meets as a full committee for annual orientation.

Committee members should be prepared to attend at least one regularly scheduled meeting every one to two months. Considerations for panel involvement can include previous case file involvement, subject matter expertise required, and IC member availability. On occasion, there are follow-up panel meetings to review/approve consent agreements or obtain direction on an individual case file—these meetings are usually one hour.

Committee composition matrix

The document below includes information about the professional or academic skills that committee members may need, as well as other elements relevant to the work, such as personal values, lived experience, varied backgrounds, perspectives, and knowledge.