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BCCNM RN and NP registrants are required to participate in multisource feedback every five years or as determined by the Quality Assurance Committee. In 2022, multisource feedback will be part of the Quality Assurance program for all nursing designations.
However, we recognize that registrants may not be able to participate during their assigned year for a variety of reasons.

Nurses can request a deferral if they are:

  • Unemployed
  • not practising nursing, or
  • on medical or parental leave

How to request a deferral

Nurses should log in to their BCCNM account and scroll down to Online Services. Click on the Multisource Feedback Deferral link and follow the instructions to request a deferral. Nurses who meet the deferral criteria will receive an email confirming a deferral has been granted. Please follow up with the QA team if this email is not received.

Nurses may only request a deferral for one year—the following year, they will be re-assigned to complete multisource feedback. We recommend nurses request a deferral as early as possible after they’re notified of being selected. Online deferral requests must be made before the end of the 30-calendar day feedback period, which begins once a nurse has successfully renewed their practising registration. If a deferral is required after the 30-day feedback period has closed please contact a member of the QA team to discuss your options.

Subsequent deferrals 

If a nurse wants to request another deferral they must contact the QA team at BCCNM directly—this request cannot be made online. A member of the team will discuss the deferral request with the nurse. Nurses wanting a second deferral should send an email to, listing:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Registration number
  • Reason for the deferral request
  • Phone number


In most cases, BCCNM QA staff will be able to grant a deferral based on the information provided via email. BCCNM staff will contact the nurse if they require additional information—part of this follow-up may include suggestions to help nurses meet their requirements, such as identifying additional colleagues who could complete the multisource feedback questionnaire.

Practising outside B.C.?

Nurses working outside B.C. and holding practising registration in B.C. should bear in mind that they are still required to complete all BCCNM quality assurance requirements—annually and at other time intervals—including multisource feedback.
Nurses are free to ask colleagues in their practising jurisdiction to complete the online multisource feedback questionnaire. As the questions are specific to BCCNM Professional Standards nurses are still obligated to meet them when holding BC practising registration.