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What happens if I fail the exam?

You may write the exam again if:

  • you meet the current competency requirement     

  • you have no outstanding requirements or conditions

  • your file is valid.

You must wait a minimum of 45 days between exam writing dates. ​

Visit the Exam Results page for more information.

How many times can I take the exam?

There is no limit to the number of times you can write the NCLEX-RN, as long as you have a valid BCCNM application and continue to meet the current competency requirement.

Visit the Exam Results page for all the information.

How will I obtain full registration if I pass the exam?

If you have provisional registration and have met all other registration requirements, your provisional registration will be automatically converted to full registration. If you have any outstanding requirements for registration, we will notify you by email. 

If you do not have provisional registration, but have met all other registration requirements, you will need to pay the registration fees for full practising registration or for non-practising registration. ​

I passed the exam and meet all of the registration requirements but I want to register at a later date due to vacation/pregnancy/extenuating circumstances. Do I have to apply for registration now?

After you passed the NCLEX and met all of the registration requirements, you have 90 days to finalize your registration. If you don't plan to work right away, you can apply for non-practising registration.

I am moving to another province, do I need to be registered in B.C.?

If you don’t plan to work in B.C., you are not required to complete your registration in B.C. 

However, we recommend that you complete the registration process in B.C.: 

  • in case you return to B.C. to work

  • to prevent delays when registering elsewhere. Many jurisdictions require proof of initial (original) registration in the province/territory where you were educated. If you do not finalize your registration, you will need to request a letter of your exam result be sent to the province/territory where you would like to register. ​

Can I hold provisional registration while I am waiting to write the exam?
Yes, applicants can apply for provisional registration while waiting to write and pass the NCLEX. Applicants are given up to one year to meet all conditions on their provisional registration, which includes passing the NCLEX within two attempts.
How can I check registration statuses?

You can go to the BCCNM Nurse Verification page. The verification page will list the provisional registration conditions for individual registrants.

How will I know if a nurse has passed the exam?

NCLEX results are provided only to the BCCNM applicant.

I am a registered nurse in British Columbia, and I would like to write the NCLEX. Can I apply through BCCNM?
No. The NCLEX is only written through BCCNM as a registration requirement. As you have already met the exam requirement to become a registered nurse in B.C., you are not eligible to apply for the NCLEX through BCCNM. In order to write the NCLEX, you will need to apply through a state board of nursing and it will be up to that board to confirm your eligibility for the exam.
I am a registered nurse in British Columbia. Am I required to write the NCLEX in order to renew my registration and maintain my RN status?
No. The NCLEX has replaced the CRNE as the entry to practice exam for initial registration in B.C. It is only written by new applicants seeking initial registration who have not yet met the exam requirement for registration with BCCNM.