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Professional liability protection

All practising registered psychiatric nurses and employed student psychiatric nurses in British Columbia are required to hold professional liability protection (PLP).

​CNPS PLP transitioning to BC nursing association

Effective March 1, 2021, BCCNM will transfer administration of CNPS professional liability protection to Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC, the provincial nursing association.

Learn more about how this change will impact you. ​​

CNPS: Your PLP provider

Liability protection is a BCCNM​ registration requirement, but the college does not provide PLP to registrants. The Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) provides PLP for all BCCNM registered psychiatric nurses and employed student psychiatric nurses. CNPS is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is specifically tailored to meet the professional liability needs of nurses.


Practising registrants pay a fee upon initial registration to become beneficiaries of CNPS and gain access to their services. This status is renewed annually by paying a CNPS fee at registration renewal.​ See the fees page for details.​

 Contact CNPS

When to call CNPS

  • Any unusual occurrence or incident
  • A patient or family member complains about your care
  • You receive court documents or a notice that you are being sued
  • You receive a warning or threat advising of intent to begin legal action or to sue
  • You become aware of a request for information concerning a patient's record or care
  • You are concerned that circumstances in your practice could result in legal proceedings
  • You receive a subpoena or court order to appear as a witness
  • The police wish to speak with you regarding your nursing practice or an event that occurred during the course of your practice
  • Any other circumstance in which you are unsure of your professional/legal obligations​

Learn more on the CNPS website

 What CNPS can do for you

Legal advice
  • ​Information about professional obligations and liability issues
  • Prompt, confidential access to legal advisors
  • Explanation of legal steps to be taken/avoided when an incident occurs
  • Pre-contractual review of professional service agreements
Assistance with legal proceedings
  • ​Claims and civil proceedings
  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions
  • Statutory offences
  • Witness appearances
  • General legal assistance
Risk management and education
  • ​Educational material on a wide range of subjects
  • Interactive risk management presentations and webinars

 Commercial general liability

​All NPs and RNs are also covered by Commercial General Liability insurance provided by Encon Group Inc. If you have questions about this policy, please direct them to Nurse and Nurse Practitioners of B.C.