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Registered Psychiatric Nurses

​Registered psychiatric nurses are nurses whose education and practice have a focus on psychosocial, mental or emotional health. They care for people of all ages experiencing issues related to mental health, substance use or​ behavioural addictions. RPNs have advanced mental health assessment and intervention skills.

BCCNM sets the entry–level requirements for anyone applying for registration as an RPN in B.C. This means that the college works with universities and co​​​lleges to review their psychiatric nursing education programs so that anyone studying to become a registered psychiatric nurse will be prepared to pass the required registration exam.

To become registered in British Columbia a person must have completed a psychiatric nursing education program, met competence require​ments, passed the registration exam and consented to a criminal record check.

Nursing abilities are based in seven categories: 
  • therapeutic relationships and therapeutic use of self
  • evidence-informed knowledge
  • collaborative practice
  • advocacy 
  • quality care and client safety
  • health promotion
  • ethical, professional and legal responsibilities​
The client is the person central to all nursing practice.​​